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Welcome to FTPchips.com

Are you wondering how to buy Full Tilt play chips? Looking for a safe place to trade in your Full Tilt play chips for cash?

Well, you have come to the right place. We can assist you with either buying or selling FullTilt play chips. And while we would like nothing more than to earn your business, we would also like to educate you a little on the process of trading FullTilt play chips.   

Here are some simple tips and things you should know before you buy or sell your play chips:

  • First, you will need either a FullTilt.net poker account or a FullTilt.com poker account. It is only necessary to have a FullTilt.com account if you are planning on selling your play chips for real cash. Many a cash player has gotten his/her start by building up a play chip bankroll and then trading their play chips in for real money.
  • Next, you will need to find a reputable site that trades FullTilt play chips. It may be very easy to find these sites by simply searching google for "FullTilt Play Chips", but do a little research on a site before you trade with them. There are many sites that have been around a long time and are very trust-worthy traders and there are also sites that are a complete scam!

  • FTPchips.com is partnered with Click4chips.com and we have been trading play chips for Full Tilt, PokerStars and various other sites since 2008. Rest assured, we know what we are doing and you can have complete trust in us to handle your play chip transaction.

    • Before chosing which site to purchase play chips from, it may be a good idea to visit poker forums and message boards to see if you can find information on a particular trading site you may be considering. Many of the sites that have been around long enough will likely have feedback (of some form or another) posted somewhere on the web regarding successful trades.

    • Never trade with anyone who you are not sure of. And Never trade with someone who is "soliciting" the "buying or selling" of FullTilt play chips at a table on the FullTilt site, chances are very slim that they are legit. Experienced traders would not risk "soliciting" trading on FullTilt's site as they know that is against the rules of FullTilt.

    • Last, you will need a way to pay for your play chips. In the past, many sites would accept FullTilt real money as payment, but this is no longer possible for many sites (atleast for U.S. based sites) as U.S. players can no longer hold real money accounts. The majority of these sites will take other forms of payment such as paypal or credit cards.


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